As we have already discussed that with curtains you can add a personality to your room, thus ignoring draperies in home decoration would be foolish. Apart from serving the aesthetic purpose, they have a significant role to play in doing room insulation and maintaining the privacy.


    Obviously we don't want our neighbours to peek into our space through the windows, so we put on curtains. But what kind of curtains should be used? Before we talk about the types of curtains, let's first understand the difference between curtains and draperies. Though these two terms are used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two.  


    Curtains are the long pieces of plain or printed cloth which are usually of window length, light in weight and less formal. On the other hand, draperies have a formal look and are of floor length, which often come with an extra flannel lining. Both of them serve the same purpose generally and come in a variety of impressive looks, colors and designs.


    So now when you know about the basics of curtains and draperies, have a look at their different types.

    1. Sash

    They are widely used and hence can be easily found in any household. The main purpose of these curtains is to filter the light and enhance the grandeur of the room. They are usually unlined and can give your room a more refined look.


    2. Cafe`

    cafe curtains

    These curtains are perfect to set up an informal feel in the room. They exemplify the light while covering only a certain portion of the window. They don't just provide you with a personal and private space but also allow enough light to come in to boost the mood.


    3. Sheer

    As the name suggests, they are translucent in nature and hence offer little or no privacy. They do filter light and can be used along with other curtains as well. The interesting quality about them is they can block the view from outside, without obstructing it from inside. They are more for a decorative purpose, and hence may not work for you if blocking the light is your main concern.


    4. Lace


    They have more or less same functional use as of the sheer curtains. The only difference is they are made of lace fabrics to give the doors and windows a charming appeal. They can definitely help you if you want to adorn your place with creative stuff. They are sometimes used in combination with another curtains for the traditional look and controlling the light.


    5. Gathered


    These are the curtains that help to lend a dramatic look to your room in no time. In case you care more about the artistic view than the privacy then simply pull them back to half way and tie back. You will set up a royal and engaging view this way for your guests. You have the option of playing with the overall length and thus can play with the look whenever you need.