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    Curtains are something that we love to have in our home to maintain the privacy. They come in a wide range of prints, patterns and style to deck up the decor of your home. In the market, you will see a huge variety of curtains in terms of colors, fabric, finishes and designing. The plethora of curtain choices may confuse you when you intend to buy one for your decor.

    Gone are those days when curtains used to be just long of pieces of clothes to hang on your doors and windows. Now, they have become an important part of home decoration projects. They reflect your taste and have a big role in uplifting the mood of your home ambiance. They are boring anymore. You have a whole ocean of curtains to choose the best one for your room. From costly to designer, sheer to blackout ones, there are many alluring options in the market for curtains waiting to lure your mind.


    Let's understand the commonly used curtains one by one.

    • Box Pleated Curtains

                                                                   box plated curtains


    These curtains give a neat look to your room as they drape into deep folds down the length. The box like shape lines up next to each other which gives the impression of formal, pleated look. They are superb for formal places and rooms such as office space or the lounge, and dining or study area at your home.


    • Cased Heading Curtains



    A simple cased heading is used for nets and light fabric which are not neither opened nor closed frequently. There is a casing sewn at the top which is left opened at the ends. This needs to be hung on a slender curtain rod and fits onto hooks at the sides of the window or door. Since these curtains have a tight fit, they are best suitable for rooms that are used occasionally like a formal sitting area.


    • Eyelet Curtains

                                                              eyelet curtains


    They are ideal for fabrics which have light to medium weight. There are silver rings at the header where the rod is fitted. These kind of curtains have an informal look and hence looks good in children bedroom. They hang easily and have a free styling, thus allows easy closing, opening and maintenance. If you choose a formal fabric, eyelet curtains won't be a bad choice to hang in your bedroom. Design is no headache as they have modern appeal.


    • Tab Top Curtains

                                                                  tab top curtains

    Like the eyelet curtain, they also have fabric looks on the top where  a rod can be fitted and hence are easy to hand. Again, table top curtains fall into the category of informal style. They are open to all kind of fabrics and hence permits enough experimentation with your decor. They hang neatly and have folded appearance.


    • Sheer Curtains


    When you don't want to stop the light to enter into abode, yet want to maintain some privacy, grab sheer curtains. They filter the light and allow little privacy as well. They are treated as secondary curtains which mean primary curtain can be used to block the light and slightly pulled back to reveal the sheers. They come in various designs and are thus suitable for various rooms. You can even get a formal look out of sheers by concealing the curtain rod and wall joinery in a pelmet.