The expensive carpets at your place need proper maintenance, otherwise they will worn out before the time. Only with the right care you will be able to make the best use of them.

    After making a great investment in carpet, we think our role is over. We assume floors will look beautiful for years and years, once they are adorned with the carpets.

    However, we forget that every day layers of dust settle down on carpets, many footsteps fall on them, they receive many stains by food spilling and what not. In short, much more is happening on the carpet which you might not encounter at early stages, but after a period of time, carpets start looking shabby and worn out.

    By the time you realize the poor condition of your carpets, it is too late. To avoid such situations, and extend the life of your carpets, you need to give special attention towards your carpets.


    How to take Care of Your Carpet?

    Even the thought of cleaning the carpet gives a headache. But, you know it is not as difficult as we think. You just need the right vacuum, cleaning product and how-to-do tips to get the work done easily.

    Here is the brief guide to remove stains from your carpet with ease.

    - Stained area need to be treated as soon as it gets stained. The more time you give to the stain to sit on the carpet, the harder it will become to remove the stain.

    - In case of food spills, use the solid material using a spoon or dull knife first. Then use water to blot and if required mix detergent in it for better cleaning. It is followed by the highest suction step using the vacuum back and forth, keep adding water till the stain is completely removed.

    - For stains that are hard to remove, use spot removal solvents. They are strong detergents whose few drops are quite effective to clean the stained area properly. You need to just apply few drops of the solvent on a clean cloth and blot the stained area of carpet. In case of change in carpet color, discontinue the use.

    - Even after this much cleaning, stain still prevails, then moisten the tufts in the stained area with hydrogen peroxide(3% concentration). Let it remain on the stain for one hour and then blot it and repeat the process till it becomes clean.


    How to keep Carpets Beautiful?

    If you want the beauty of floorings remain intact and unspoiled for longer, then follow the tips listed below.

    - Regular vacuuming of the carpet is required frequently to keep it clean and free from dirt.

    - Depending upon the type of carpet you own, you need to decide what you need to use in vacuum, like a rotating brush, suction or beater bar.

    - Professional carpet is cleaning at an interval of 12-18 months depending upon the foot traffic your carpet receive.

    - In case the carpet is burned, remove the topical layer of the dark part including burnt fibres with curved fingernail scissors. For the extensive burnt area, patch it.

    - Due to heavy furniture dents are made on the carpet which can be removed with strokes of coin edge. Otherwise, you can see a hair dryer or steam iron.

    - In case of heavy water damage, take the help of professional carpet cleaners.