• Looking for a change in home ambiance, but don't have enough money? Well, don't worry.  We are going to tell you some cheap ways of turning up the glam quotient in your space. Before we take things further, have a clear understanding that pillow covers have a decorative role as well in home decoration.


    Till now, we all have been stressing so much on cushion, that we completely ignored its other half-the pillow. Yes, the same pillow that use on your bedding for an extra dose of comfort and support under your head, could be a helpful decorative accessory as well.



    Just fancy up the plain, white pillow cases of your bedding with some vivid shades and trending prints to enjoy an affordable, yet fascinating home makeovers. Sound fun, isn't?  Yes, it is definitely only if you know the how's and do's of this pillow covers revamp DIY.


    Here you would get an insight about different types of pillow covers that are effective to spruce up the decor.

    1. One on One

    This one on one strategy is very simple and interesting. Here you pick any one color and pattern and follow the same theme across the whole room. For instance, I have picked the white shade and chevron pattern, then I would follow this sequence on the entire couch, or bed. Make sure the color, and print you choose has some resemblance with the existing decor theme.


    2. Bold-Subtle Interplay



    For a conceptual home makeover, use accent pillows with dominating yet charming patterns. They come in huge, bold prints and vibrant hues to beautify the space dramatically. Mix this energetic charm with subtle pillow covers to balance the energy in the room. Imitate the same theme concept on your reclining chair, lounge sofa or any other accent furniture.


    3. Basic Game


    When you want to keep things simple yet fascinating, get your hands on pillow covers tinted with plain shades. Give preference to primary colors like red, yellow and blue. These shades emphasize the outdoor, or patio furniture really well. So next time when you plan for a lawn party, don't forget to deck up your outdoors with plain pillow covers. They can add an instant glow to your patio.


    4. Floral Freshness

    Don't wait for spring to freshen up your abode. Take the help of floral print pillow covers to lounge in style. Floral accent pillows work well in light shades of pink, blue, green and yellow. If their brightness doesn't please your eyes, you can intrude it by choosing other complementing shades from the color platter just to make things interesting and inviting at the same time.


    5. Theme Saga

    If there's any particular theme that you want to follow, then execute it with theme based pillow covers. They come in a variety of patterns like stripes, chequered, chevron, polka dots and many others. Theme based prints help to renovate interiors professionally. To implement this theme saga, stick to brighter side of color platter or neutral shades only.