It is not easy to style your children's room, not even their bathroom. Though it is so much fun to decorate their space but considering the innumerable options available for kids decor themes, things get chaotic at times. Now coming to kids, some of them totally hate the concept of taking a bath, while some have a blast with water around them. In any case efforts need to be made to make their bathroom look more inviting and engaging. And what if this could be happen just by changing the shower curtains?

    Amazing, isn't it?

    For kids bathroom space, shower curtains come in exciting themes like wildlife, Disney, fairies, geometric shapes, fruits and vegetables and so on. So here is the list of things that need to be considered while purchasing shower curtains for kids.


    # Color

    Children love colors. So give special attention to kind of shades and how many types of colors you bring to their den. Sky is the limit for their bathroom decoration, so go for anything from yellow, pink, green, red, maroon, blue to pink. Go from lighter tones to pastel shades and create some magic. You can mix and match various colors to set striking contrast and attract the kids. So let bathing become a joyful experience for your children with your choice of colors.



    Every kid has his or her own interests. Some love cartoon, some are inclined towards nature, while some have fascination for sports. So according to the interested of your kids choose the theme for their bathroom. It could be any cartoon character, a space, place to eat, park view, underwater scenery or a beautiful waterfall. In fact, themes are best to recreate the entire bathroom landscape just with the help of a suitable shower curtain.

    This is a very fun, creative and interesting way of incorporating colors as well as prints to your kids room.


    # Material

    Since bathroom is the place where curtain would be prone to wear and tear. So it is advised to choose the material of shower curtain wisely. It should be durable, waterproof and resistant to wear and tear to sustain the moist conditions of the bathroom. Fabrics like polyester and super absorbent cotton could be of great help in this context.