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    Pretty Wall Coverings By Nirmals

    As you step into the New Year, don't you forget to stylize your walls. There are some ravishing trends launched this year that you need to check out. For your new resolutions, you certainly need a refreshing, positive abode to keep up your spirits. As we have already discussed earlier, wall papers are the cost-effective means of giving a new life to your mundane decor instantly. Easy to use and impactful in result, wall covering is the next big thing this year in home fashion industry.

    Before you start wondering what you can do to keep the charm of your wall intact, let me help you. This year will be ruled by the nature's inspiration. Yes, you guessed it right. It's the green palette which will be used to hide the flaws of your walls and make them pretty once again.

    Further, you will see mix-match of patterns and faux finish also emerging in wall covering options. As it is not convenient and budget friendly for everyone to redo their home decor every year. Wallpapers help to keep the liveliness and appeal of your interiors intact over the years without doing a hole in your pocket.

    So you don't need to take the stress of painting the walls again. Just follow the latest home fashion trends and buy one of the trending wall coverings to enjoy a chic home decor.


    Have a look at three best wall covering trends you need to follow in 2017:

    1. Textured wallpapers are making a comeback this year. These wallpaper feel like mimicking and give the look and feel of materials that don't seem to be realistic for home decoration. If you love the rustic ambiance of bricks, or woods, you will love this wallpaper. For the easy and impressive texture on the walls, try grass cloth wallpaper. Try hiding the imperfections on your walls with the interesting textured wallpapers coming in a huge variety this year.

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    2. Find it hard to make a choice between solid shades and impressive patterns? Well, now you can have the pleasure of both in one wall covering. While the bright colors on the wall rejuvenate the space, the distinctive patterns give a unique appeal to your home. So make the list of colors that you admire and patterns that you adore. Together, they can create magic in your abode. Find what you love and embrace it. Decorating with unique patterns and colors is so much fun and easy now with wall coverings.

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    3. Metallic accents is the best thing you would try this year for home decoration. Lustrous, unique and eye-catching, metallic wall coverings take away the dullness from your walls completely. A classic look for home you have been craving for so long is finally possible with a metallic wallpaper. Silver, bronze or gold, you can make a choice between them as per your taste.

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