Bedding has a huge role in delivering us quality sleep. The kind of bed sheet you use to wrap the mattress affects not just your sleep, but your overall health as well.

    Snuggling in a bed is our favorite time. We love to cuddle, roll and sleep in a bed which feels comfortable to our body. Most of the people think it is only a good mattress that helps to create a divine bedding. However, the truth is a bedding has two major constituents- mattress and bed sheet.


    While a good mattress supports your body throughout the sleep, a sumptuous bed sheet feels good to your skin. You feel comfortable in a luxurious bed linen, and slips into a sound sleep instantly. Talking about the luxury in bed linen, people are often clueless about what kind of material is ideal for bedding. Some are worried about the prints, while some are unaware about the variety of fabrics for bed sheets available in the market.


    Though colors and prints  just contribute in giving the bedding a pleasing look, the material of bed sheet is what makes the bedding ultimate heaven in the house. Different people have different lifestyle needs and different budgets. Thus the ideal bed linen may vary from person to person. There is no particular fabric which can be entitled as the best bed sheet material. However, we can certainly sum up the most desirable bed sheets for your knowledge and guidance.


    1. Cotton Bed Sheets

    No doubt, cotton tops this list as this is the most preferred and widely known fabric for bedding. The breathability, resilience, and durability of cotton makes it a favorite fabric for every homemaker. There are many varieties of cotton that are used for manufacturing bed sheets, including:

    cotton bed sheets from nirmals

    1.1 Egyptian: This is the most superlative variety of cotton, known for its utterly soft fibres. It gives an irresistible sumptuous feel to the user. Egyptian cotton is the most expensive version of cotton which is 100% pure and most expensive grade. It matures in warm and dry climate, and thus has extra long fibres to make it most desirable.


    1.2 Pima: It is widely known for its softness and lustrous sheen.  It is comprised of medium to extra long fibres which make these sheets durable. So if you are looking for durable comfort in your bedroom, then pima cotton bed sheet is what you need to buy.


    1.3 Upland: It is the mostly common cotton which is widely grown in the world. The fibres of Upland are not long as the pima or Egyptian, and in softness also it is comparatively less.


    1.4 Micro: The threads of micro cotton are extremely fin, doing justification with its name. They are fabricated from the long staple fibres and hence they are very soft and good absorbents in nature.


    2. Flannel Bed Sheets

    This is another type of cotton, which works wonder in cold climates. So for a warm and cozy bedding in winters, go for flannel bed linen. It has been combed well to fluff off the fibres to give it a distinctively, soft texture. Its quality is determined by ounces instead of thread counts.

    Flannel bedsheets


    3. Polyester Bed Sheets

    It is the manmade fibers and hence lacks comfort. To reduce the roughness of polyester, it is usually blended with other mushy fibres like cotton. It is affordable and mostly used bed linen. You can get it in exciting colors and patterns to match your decor theme.

    Other than above fabrics, you will find blends of cotton-rayon and many other synthetic fibres with natural ones. Read the properties of any fabric that you choose to invest in before buying for a pleasant experience.