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    Sofa is a huge thing in every house, which is given proper attention and utmost care. But would it be enough to make them look great? Your expensive sofa set can be made to look even more expensive and luxurious. How?Just by adding a bunch of cushions of vivid hues on them.


    This is an effortless and cost-effective styling of sofa which makes a huge impact. Though it sounds very easy to change the color and  size of your cushions, mix them up and the flaunt then on sofa to enjoy the impelling view.


    But it is not that easy. Why? Because there is a gamut of options for cushion in terms of colors, fabrics, textures, prints and styles, that a buyers usually get confused.

    This confusion arises when you are not aware what type of cushion your decor needs. So to make sure you don't just go and waste time in browsing thousands of cushion options, here's a guide for you to shop cushion covers wisely.


    In order to pick the right cushion, it is necessary that you understand them first. So here's a list of commonly found cushions.

    Foam Cushions are designed using high density foam. They are covered with the thin layer of convoluted foam which is further covered with polyester fibre. The final covering of the cushion is made of down proof ticking envelope which doesn't allow the feather to come out. They are suitable for those who are in need of firm seat with negligible wrinkles.


    Spring down cushions are comparatively less soft than foam cushions. They are designed using coiled springs, which are surrounded by a foam box and on the top is a thick polyester layer. The whole setting is then fitted into a cover made with a blend of down and polyester. They give a seating with spirited feel. They have loft achieved by down and on the top of it is the touch of smoothness.


    Down plush is the softest and most lavish option among all. They are designed using the foam, which is further wrapped in a thick polyester layer. This is further wrapped in a thick layer of down and polyfibre blend. Due to the involvement of thin foam and down, this cushion is as comfortable as pillow. It can be used on a sofa set in your lobby area.


    Bottom line of the story is every cushion has a different construction, and thus has a different texture, appearance and feel. So consider the construction to know what kind of comfort and look can be expected from a particular kind of cushion.