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    Bath towels we've been using for so long just for wiping the body. But do you know they can add a style element to your bathroom too? Well, if no then here's this blog to enlighten you more on bath towels importance.

    The best way to define a towel is it is that versatile furnishings which can be used practically when required, while can serve as a decorative element when you hang it on towel rack. Though they are the most hard working member, but still are left ignored. We hardly pay attention to the types and uses of bath towels.


    As towels are the most hardworking member of your home, thus we thought of discussing about their type and usage with you. Buying a towel is an exciting endeavour, in which only feeling the texture won't help. There's lot that you need to intervene to find out quality and premium grade towels for you.


    Fabric specification


    Towels are mainly designed using cotton fibres and these fibres play a major role in determining the texture, durability and colourfastness of the towel. Let's have a look at different fibres which affect the functionality of towel.


    Soft & Light Fibres

    Following towels have longer loops and thus have an airy and fluffy effect. They are made of Egyptian cotton, Micro Cotton and Pima Cotton. Egyptian cotton are made of extra long fibrous thread which lends supreme luxury and softness to the towel. They have high durability, breathability and extremely well porous qualities. Micro cotton feels like feather due to its light texture and light weight. They are utterly soft and are brilliant absorbers. Pima cotton has the superior quality among all, which comes with unbeatable strength and absorbing qualities.


    Dense & Long Fibres

    These kind of towels have small, thick woven pile which feels extremely well. They have superb absorbing quality and amazing soft texture which is crafted from Turkish cotton. It is a premium quality cotton which has extra-long staple to give use higher level of comfort, resilience and permeability.


    Apart from the different fibers, you must consider the types of construction used in designing bath towel. The fabric construction determines how the yarn is crafted and thus affects its functionality. Check out various fabric constructions used in bath towel fabrics.


    Combed cotton has thoroughly combed fibres which won't undergo pilling easily. They have a robust, shining appearance. Ringspun cotton has even more finished look than combed cotton in which tightly woven fibers are packed together.


    Twist involves two types of higher and lower fibers, in which lower twist give plush effect, while the higher ones increases the durability of the towel. 2-ply involves the usage of double yarn which produces highly dense towel material with finest absorbency and high durability.