• All You Need to Know About Quilts



    Apart from boosting the cosiness on your bed, quilts have a role to play in lending the bedroom a timeless appeal. They have evolved so much from just being another winter accessory. In fact, they are now available in so many fabric, style and design variations that they can be used in any season and with any bedroom theme.

    Amazing isn't it?

    They come in a plethora of designs, styles, sizes and shapes to meet the discrete needs of all people. The artistic value of quilts come when they are spread over the bed, and folded at the end of bed while half of it is left to hang over other end.

    This is a brief guide to inform you about various choices you have while shopping for quilts. Before you jump to different types of quilts, let's understand the concept of quilts first.

    Quilt is confused with a blanket and duvet cover. It is however just a soft layer which is added to bed for the purpose of fabric backing, soft batting layer and as a top layer. All these three layers are tied and stitched together at spaced intervals so that they can be held together.


    Quilts generally come in five sizes:

    1.     Single Bed Size Quilt– 140 cm x 210 cm

    2.     King Single Bed Size Quilt– 180 cm x 210 cm

    3.     Double Bed Size Quilt – 180 cm x 210 cm

    4.     Queen Bed Size Quilt – 210 cm x 210 cm

    5.     King Bed Size Quilt – 240 cm x 210 cm


    If we talk about the functionality of quilts. They serve two purposes- cosiness and accentuate the ambiance of room. The softness of quilt and material used to design it determine the comfort level of quilt. On the other hand, colors and prints of the quilt determine how beautifully it is going to transform the ambiance of your room.


    But buying quilts won't help you alone to enjoy all the pleasure in your den. You need to take care of them to enjoy long lasting results. Though quality of the quilt certainly play a role for how long your quilts can serve you. But we can't ignore the fact that if we maintain them properly, they are surely going to retain their original charm for longer.


     So here are few things that you need to know in order to make the best use of quilts.


    ·        In case of a polyester quilt, it need to be washed at least two-four times a year. Washing will remove the dust mites and dirt particles trapped in the quilt.

    ·        You need to do dry cleaning and airing of the quilt occasionally to give long life to the wool or feather like fibres used in the quilt.

    ·        Those who prefer to wash quilts at home, always use mild detergent.

    ·        Never miss the washing and precaution mentioned on the packaging by the manufacturer.